The Resturant

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Restaurant is available for private parties and business events, for groups of up to 150 guests.

The restaurant is divided into an interior space and an outdoor area. Inside you will find cozy sitting areas, a bar, and Buddha sculptures decorations. The outside area includes decorated gazeboes, gorgeous armchairs and a wide bar.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee restaurant menu includes a variety of Asian foods, an especially rich sushi menu, and daily changing specials.
Business lunch deals are offered every day of the week and the weekend.

Our story

Mr. & Mrs. Lee is a Japanese love story between a husband and his wife, flavored with tastes, fragrances and old culinary traditions.

I found my source of inspiration, Mr. & Mrs. Lee, when I once travelled with an Israeli government foreign affairs ministry delegation to Tokyo, Japan, where I discovered a unique magical world. On a night walk near Shinjuku ward I accidentally discovered a small restaurant with no more than eight bar chairs and six small tables. An impressive handsome hostess smiled at us as we walked by, and I could not help but go in.

I did not expect the rich and wonderful miso soup, seaweed salad, steamed fish and roast chicken in view of the restaurant's modest simplicity. It was so different than other restaurants in big cities. The following day I came back for sake and Japanese grill that was cooked in a marinade even I could not deconstruct.

I got to know Mr. & Mrs. Lee on that visit. Married for almost fifty years, these are two twin souls who create together a perfect culinary harmony. The small and old bar that was a family inheritance is where they share the work: as she plays the host, he cooks in the kitchen. This is how I wanted to get old.

As I returned to Israel, I could not forget that tiny bar near Shinjuku. I am not yet old; still I decided not to wait before making my dream come true. Inspired by Mr. & Mrs. Lee I opened my small restaurant where I serve authentic Asian food.

Chef Shaul Ben Aderet.

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